501(c)3 Non-profit IRS Status

Pennsylvania Crime Prevention Officers' Association


Pennsylvania Chief's of Police Association has partnered with PCPOA to promote awareness and education on crime prevention into every community in the Commonwealth. 

"Safer Neighborhoods for Stronger Communities" is on BCTV in Reading every month. Watch us at www.BCTV.org

We host an annual training symposium to provide updated programs, news and upcoming issues on crime prevention to our community resource officers. This allows the officers to alert the citizens in each community as to current crime prevention programs.

PCPOA provides assistance to any law enforcement agency, local government and community organization regarding crime prevention efforts. We are always bringing new crime prevention programs, techniques and concepts to our members.

Businesses and citizens have many opportunities to detect potential targets of crime, with our programs and officer interaction they can become a vital tool in community crime prevention.


The goal of the PCPOA is the statewide reduction in crime through promoting the participation and cooperation of Pennsylvania's citizens, businesses and all government agencies working within the state.  We are dedicated to educating and training proven and effective methods of crime prevention programs to assist in creating safer communities across the Commonwealth.