501(c)3 Non-profit IRS Status

Pennsylvania Crime Prevention Officers' Association



ANNUAL DUES  Are described below as to who may qualify for membership with the PCPOA as per our By-Laws and Constitution. Membership expires on December 31st of same year of enrollment into PCPOA.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP  Shall be open to sworn law enforcement personnel, Full-Time employees of government agencies actively involved in crime prevention and such other persons who are approved by a majority vote of the PCPOA Board of Directors. $25.00 

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP  Shall be open to any person or organization upon a majority vote of the PCPOA Board of Directors. $20.00

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP Shall be open to any employee of a corporation, business, partnership or proprietorship which is interested in the advancement of crime prevention and the support of this association upon a majority vote of the PCPOA Board of Directors. A company or organization may join for $150.00. 

CRIME WATCH MEMBERSHIP Shall be open to any volunteer citizen group or individual engaged in an organized community crime prevention effort. Any such group, upon submitting application for membership, shall pay one membership fee  annually which shall entitle any or all members of that group to attend meetings of this association. Voting for the Crime Watch representative to the PCPOA Board of Directors shall be limited to one vote per group, regardless to the number of members attending such meetings or individual memberships held within this association. Fee is $30.00